Camino de Santiago : a selection of key information to  easily prepare your pilgrimage

MyCompostela is a blog dedicated to el Camino de Santiago, which aims to help future pilgrims. We are three French people who have been passionate about hiking for several years. We are currently preparing our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. And like all future pilgrims, we are asking ourselves many questions. Several information sites on Compostela exist with an incredible level of precision, a true source of inspiration. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to find the right information quickly.

On this blog, we synthesize the answers found to the most frequent questions of any future pilgrim. A PRACTICAL site that goes to the essentials!

This blog will also allow us to tell our adventure from our first steps on the Camino de Santiago until our arrival in Santiago de Compostela. Ultreia and good pilgrimages to all!